Panama Jack EP

by Fist Fam

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With their new EP 'Panama Jack', The Fist Fam has come full circle back to a cleaner sound. After drunkenly trudging through their last lo-fi, boom bap effort 'Posted', the crew has reached out to various producers to compile an EP as versatile as the crew itself. The edge from the last album is still present, it has just been polished razor sharp.

This is a by and large a party record, with no shortage of lyrics about girls, drinking, and the stoop dwelling lifestyle. But, the crew does take a few moments out to reflect introspectively on melancholy, soulful cuts like "Old Fashioned". Where empathy and acceptance of the human condition are reached, if only through the last sips of watered down whiskey. Songs like "Ready Set Go" also explore such Ideas, but bring the vibe up a notch with driving and melodic production. It's always a party though with the Fam, and the track "Woompty Woomp" is a perfect example. With ass shaking mid tempo drums, the most catchy synth melody ever made, and lyrics like Philo's "As God as my witness, I bag bad bitches, and give 'em the business". You know these guys are having a good time, even if they may not remember it the next morning.

The flow of the album moves effortlessly from track to track though many production styles are used, from straight forward Psych loops and funk breaks, to blues harmonica samples, to synths and 808s. Really, it's the Fam's cohesive yet unique vocal stylings that bring it all together so well. In the end this record shows complexity in flavors, yet finishes smooth and leaves one feeling good about things, not unlike the last sip of fine barrel aged whiskey mentioned earlier.


released September 10, 2011

1 - feat. Harvy Merkulson, Al Lover & Dirty Frost prod by Dirty Frost
2 - feat. Big Shawn & Mo Classics prod by Micah Aza
3 - feat. Mo Classics prod by Philo
4 - feat. Mo Classics prod by Philo
5 - feat. Brandon B (Trunk Drank) & Mo Classics prod by Conceit
6 - feat. LQ prod by DJ Mars
7 - prod by Commissioner Gordon



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